More miles, less impact

More miles, less impact

From the city to the suburbs, the SWITCH metrocity is the ideal single-deck bus for all urban environments.

At just 7.8-8.8 tonnes and fitted with the latest NMC battery technology, the SWITCH metrocity is the most efficient bus in its class. It can travel up to 190 miles on a single charge, with a full charge complete in just three hours.

Whether it’s a crowded city street or an open road, the SWITCH metrocity can help you get where you need to go in the most efficient way possible - without harming the environment.

SWITCH metrocity - Ideal single-deck bus for urban environments
  • 260kWh NMC battery pack
  • Up to 190 miles per charge on a single charge
  • Superior battery cycle life
  • Lightweight, modular architecture
  • Vehicle and battery optimisation
  • Over 90% UK-sourced parts
  • Real-time diagnostics and telematics system
  • Monitor operations remotely at fleet and individual vehicle levels
  • Over the air driveline and battery management optimisations
  • Available in 8.7m, 9.4m, 10.1m, 10.8m or 11.5m
  • Up to 44 seats with exceptional standing space = total of 60 passengers
  • Urban, interurban, school bus and airport layout options

Technical Specifications

This battery electric low weight and short wheelbase single deck bus, renowned for its manoeuvrability and efficiency, has a seating capacity of up to 44 passengers. The SWITCH metrocity is an excellent vehicle for all environments.

The most efficient bus in its class.

Designed and built by a carbon neutral manufacturer, with over five million tonnes of CO2 saved to date. SWITCH metrocity utilises the knowledge we have gained from the 30 million electric miles our buses have covered, to deliver a state-of-the-art transport solution.

SWITCH metrocity renowned for its superior agility

Superior agility

This midi-bus is renowned for its superior agility and manoeuvrability, available in five different lengths with an optimised wheelbase position to make turning even the tightest corners a breeze

SWITCH metrocity - Our Premium customer services

Premium customer service

You’re never on your own. Our regionally based customer service managers are the first point of call for everything you need to keep your vehicles on the road

SWITCH metrocity - Built for passengers

Built for passengers

SWITCH metrocity seats up to 44 and has exceptional standing capacity, with a total of up to 60 passengers and a versatile range of layout options including, urban, interurban, school bus and airport applications. The low entry floor allows for easy access meaning there is greater accessibility for wheelchairs and buggys