A connected world

Intelligent systems, net zero by design.

With the world changing rapidly, our research and proprietary technologies are helping us stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve designed everything from the ground up to be net zero and achieve the lowest possible TCO. Discover the tech behind our smart vehicles.

Icon Lightweight Monocoque Material

Strong, ultra-lightweight and made from a high proportion of plant-based composites. The self-coloured body panels eliminate the need for paint process during manufacturing, and make replacements and repairs more efficient. SWITCH materials do not degrade over time meaning a longer life for your vehicle.

Bespoke Battery Technology Bespoke Battery Technology

Build your own range. We offer the latest innovations in battery design, built to meet your exact needs. Our modular batteries are integrated into the vehicle structure with a wide variety of options, allowing you to choose how long you want to keep going.

AI powered Digital Twin AI powered Digital Twin

All SWITCH designed products have a digital twin (a virtual replica of a physical device). These allow us to monitor, diagnose and continually optimise each and every vehicle.

We use Big Data We use Big Data

To get a complete picture of our vehicles, data is vital. We collect and analyse over 2TB of data daily, giving us the insights we need to continuously improve our offering.

Control your fleet with i-Alert Control your fleet with i-Alert

Our i-Alert platform allows our customers to access vehicle tracking and performance remotely. Diagnostics, prognostics and battery management tools for world-class fleet efficiency.

Smart interactions Smart interactions

From speed restrictions to automatic emergency braking, our vehicles communicate with the world around them to ensure the highest levels of safety.

Upgradable over the air Upgradable over-the-air

We provide over-the-air updates for our software meaning our clients always have the latest optimisations instantly, without the need to visit a service centre.

eMobility as a Service eMobility as a Service

(Or eMaaS for short.) SWITCH provides a pay as you go option. We take care of the vehicles and their maintenance, so that you can focus on the most important things to you – transporting passengers or goods safely and efficiently.