A connected world

Intelligent systems, net zero by design.

With the world changing rapidly, our research and proprietary technologies are helping us stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve designed everything from the ground up to be net zero and achieve the lowest possible TCO. Discover the tech behind our smart vehicles.

A proprietary, connected technology solutions with 100+ connectivity features

Fleet Management

  • Trip management
  • Route management
  • Driver scheduling
  • Trip performance monitoring
  • Trip based analytics
  • Spares/inventory planning

Vehicle Location

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle trace
  • Trend view
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Critical health alerts
  • Geofence features

Driver Leader

  • Driver coaching app
  • Driver scoring
  • Driver feedback module
  • Trips scheduling
  • Driver club


  • Assistance from USC
  • FOTA
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Scheduled diagnostics
  • Prognostic alerts
  • BLE based diagnostics


  • Live charging view
  • Live anomaly alerts
  • Battery performance analytics
  • Battery health
  • Enhancement
  • Battery charge reports
  • Charge slot booking
  • Chiller Temperature monitoring