The bus you've been waiting for.

The bus you've been waiting for.

Putting our customers first, SWITCH e1 is the next generation bus built for a sustainable future. Designed, engineered and built by SWITCH, a certified carbon-neutral manufacturer, in a brand-new European manufacturing facility, it has been designed to meet our customer's needs.

At 12m, SWITCH e1 is our first fully electric bus designed specifically for the European market.

The newest NMC powerpack technology reduces mass, increases efficiency and delivers increased range per kg. A lightweight integrated chassis and body construction improves efficiency, delivering the lowest TCO for operators and helping achieve their net-zero targets.

SWITCH e1 the next generation bus for a sustainable future

Higher density

  • 400kWh NMC battery is 30% more energy-dense than conventional LFP power packs, delivering more kilometres per kilogram

Lighter weight

  • Battery mass is distributed evenly across the vehicle for greater stability

Faster charging

  • Full charge achieved in less than 3hrs, with overnight charging in 7hrs

Monocoque construction

  • Integrated chassis and body reduce unladen weight and increase strength

Lighter weight

  • The lightest widely available bus in Europe at 10,775kg

Increased durability

  • Up to two tonnes less weight versus the competition, for reduced wear and tear

Adaptable to each customer

  • Battery size and range tailored to specific requirements

Flexible interior design

  • Comfortable, versatile seating for up to 28 people

Easy access

  • HV and LV components are located in pull-out compartments simplifying in-field service and diagnostics

Advanced engineering

  • High quality, innovative monocoque construction reduces weight

Increased range

  • Advanced NMC battery technology provides enhanced efficiency and range

Local assembly and after-sales

  • Tailored support increased vehicle on-road time and delivers local jobs and infrastructure

A free-flowing

SWITCH e1 provides seating for up to 28 people, with contemporary interior design making the best use of high-quality materials, flexible seating configuration possibilities and comfort features for a premium passenger experience.

SWITCH e1 designed to improve comfort

We’ve thought of everything.

Every feature of SWITCH e1 is designed to improve comfort of the occupant and improve efficiency for operators.

Double skin ducting channels air from the HVAC system towards the customer, improving comfort.

Localised HVAC heat pump for the driver maintains a comfortable working environment.

SWITCH e1 - Cabin and Driver compartment

Comfortably in control.

SWITCH e1 offers interior flexibility and premium driver and passenger comfort as a priority, with contemporary design, sustainable material options throughout the cabin and driver compartment ergonomics that comply with ISO16121.

SWITCH e1 prioritises driver and passenger well-being

Above all, a duty of care.

SWITCH e1 prioritises driver and passenger well-being.

Active and passive safety are prime considerations. SWITCH e1 helps customers deliver a comprehensive duty of care for all vehicle occupants. Driver aids designed to enhance safety include ABS, Electronic Stability Control and blind-spot monitoring amongst others.

SWITCH e1 - A premium passenger experience

A premium passenger experience.

Every passenger enjoys a luxurious, comfortable and informed journey with SWITCH e1.

The attractive and contemporary interior design underscores passenger comfort. Features include dimmable interior lighting, under-seat and reading lights and a flexible stop button configuration combined with optimised grab rail positioning to achieve the best balance of visibility and comfort.