Superior efficiency with long battery life

Superior efficiency with long battery life

The SWITCH EiV range of buses have been uniquely configured to meet customer requirements of varied applications like intracity, intercity, staff, school and tarmac, offering maximum passenger capacity and comfort. The buses are also equipped with a new generation of highly efficient, modular batteries with advanced NMC chemistry, specially formulated for the Indian market and climatic conditions.

  • SWITCH EiV delivers more than 100+ embedded connectivity features for authorities and operators to analyse and improve efficiency
  • Vehicle-controlled software to deliver range improvements of up to 20%
  • Latest safety features including FDSS and FDAS
  • Advanced NMC technology providing a lightweight battery with higher energy density
  • Advanced cycle life and unique double gun charging up to 240kW leading to <1 hour of DC fast charging
  • Modular battery packs providing a range of up to 500km per day.
  • Proven performance with uptime of over 98%
  • Improved drivability is delivered by permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Lifetime product care through SWITCH’S dedicated service teams
  • Latest air conditioning system and air purifiers to deliver a comfortable environment in all conditions
  • Interior features such as USB charging, WiFi, reading lights and comfort seats with a recliner function ensure customers travel in comfort
  • Ultra-low floor option enables easy ingress and egress for all occupants

The current range of SWITCH EV buses in India, have had an uptime of over 98% consistently throughout the last few years, which, is a testimony to our product performance in terms of reliability and durability.

The modular batteries increase the capacity per battery cell for the same weight, enabling a higher range of kilometres – up to 300-km per day with single charge and up to 500-km per day with dual gun fast charging. The electric drivetrains and batteries are calibrated to ensure superior efficiency with long battery life, delivering a Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Maintenance of this ultra-modern eBus can be carried out quickly and effortlessly.