Upgrading the urban commute

Upgrading the urban commute

Contemporary, comfortable, cool.

The SWITCH EiV 22 has been designed with the driver and passenger experience in mind. Step inside the cabin to discover premium interior design, high-quality materials, lightweight cushions and other car-like features for your most comfortable commute yet.

This state-of-the-art EV is fitted with the latest AC technology, offering effective cooling in India's hot climatic conditions. Features include extra-wide front and rear doors, two staircases and an emergency door complying with the latest safety standards.

The double-decker serves as the ideal solution for city transportation. With optimised seating, the SWITCH EiV 22 can comfortably transport 65 seated passengers, occupying less road, terminal and depot floor space per seated passenger.

SWITCH EiV 22 - Upgrading the urban commute
Electric double-decker bus with World class Technology
  • This electric double-decker bus delivers exceptional drive performance. Embedded with proprietary solutions including ‘SWITCH iON’ to enable remote, real-time diagnostics and monitoring as well as world-class digital battery management tools.
  • Powered by a 231 kWh capacity, 2-string, liquid-cooled, higher density NMC chemistry battery pack with dual gun charging system. This enables the SWITCH EiV 22 to have a range of up to 250km for intra-city applications.
  • SWITCH EiV 22 has a lightweight rollover compliant bus body and is easy to manoeuvre. Turn tight corners and navigate congested traffic conditions with ease.
SWITCH EiV 22 - Highest safety standards
  • Designed and developed to be compliant to the highest safety standards and AIS 038 safety regulations.
  • Liquid cooling battery chiller system mounted inside the bus to maintain HV battery at optimum operating temperature.
  • Incorporating the latest Fire Detection System (FDAS/FDSS) to alert vehicle occupants in case of thermal event.
SWITCH EiV 22 equipped with latest technology
  • SWITCH EiV 22 is equipped with the latest technology, ultra-modern design and styling.
  • Air conditioned, electric double-decker featuring a wider door on the rear overhang and a rear staircase.
  • Lightweight cushions and premium interiors for elevated passenger comfort.
SWITCH Dedicated to fulfilling customer requirements
  • When it comes to quality, we have a proven track record. Our aftersales are managed through an experienced network utilising state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic tools.
  • Product care is offered through SWITCH'S dedicated service teams. More than 95% satisfaction reported from our users and customers.
  • Dedicated to fulfilling new-age customer requirements through a knowledgeable central team. Partnerships with logistics providers allow for delivery of critical parts within 24hrs throughout India.

Quality First

Our current range of SWITCH EV buses in India have had an uptime of over 98% consistently, testimony to the product design, engineering and performance.

SWITCH EiV 22 developed & manufactured in India

SWITCH EiV 22 has been designed, developed and manufactured in India utilising SWITCH'S global electric bus experience. Maintenance of this ultra-modern double decker can be carried out quickly and effortlessly through our dedicated service teams.

SWITCH EiV 22 enables easy access to key services components

Ground up new design for EiV 22 enables easy access to key service components including batteries, compressors and inverters. The electric drivetrains and higher energy density batteries with longer life cycles are calibrated to ensure superior efficiency and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).